In Slavic mythology, vodyanoy is a male water spirit. Vodník in Czech fairy tales is the same creature as the Wassermann or nix of German fairy tales. He is said to appear as a naked old man with a greenish beard and long hair, with his body covered in algae and muck, usually covered in black fish scales. He has webbed paws instead of hands, a fish's tail, eyes that burn like red-hot coals. He usually rides along his river on a half-sunk log, making loud splashes. Local drownings are said to be the work of the vodyanoy (or rusalkas). When angered, the vodyanoy breaks dams, washed down water mills, drowns people and animals. (Consequently, fishermen, millers, and also bee-keepers make sacrifices to appease him.) He would drag down people to his underwater dwelling to serve him as slaves.[1]

Shin Megami Tensei IV Edit


A Water creature of Slavic lore. He drowns humans and sometimes makes them his slaves.

With his Rusalka wife, he lives at the bottom of lakes. He catches and eats people who venture near the water. He appears as a merman or frogman, but is said to be able to change his shape to human.[2]

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